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Glass doors is an innovative and unique product both in Lithuania and Europe.

Made from lightweight aluminium profiles and tempered enamelled glass or quartz slabs, these doors boast an exclusive design and countless options of use in modern interiors. The possibilities of glass processing can make the glass doors a true highlight of the interior or, on the contrary, blend them with the walls by mimicking the wall pattern.

Glass doors are solid and durable. They maintain their geometry regardless of the external factors, such as changing temperatures or humidity.

The aluminium structure and mounts make the 50 mm thick door panel look massive, however, in reality, it is as light as a feather. The door also has a special frame structure that requires no moulding and has hidden hinges that ensure that the door and wall planes coincide. Hence, the visual appearance of such a door perfectly matches the walls

Product is patented

LT Patent No. P6318

There is no standard here – each product is manufactured exclusively according to the needs of the client – individual dimensions, selected glass processing, colour, drawing or image.



Pick a standard or any other desired colour from the RAL colour palette and we will use it to cover your glass door. Enamel is a solid, burnt, clear matte or coloured glass cover. Dyed (enamel) glass features a high degree of mechanical strength as the colour fully forms during the process of glass tempering.


LAMINAM quartz slabs are large, thin and light slabs made of quartz sand, clay, granular granite and ceramic pigments. They are easy to clean and very scratch and abrasion resistant. The slabs are resistant to UV rays and will retain their original colour.

LAMINAM collection consists of 90 shades and textures of aged metal, bronze, cement, stone, onyx, and wood or nonslip surface decor.


Digitally printed glass will make any interior one of the kind. Pick a desired painting or a wall fragment, and this picture will be transferred onto the glass door.

This kind of glass can be covered with large multicolour images. Resistant ceramic dyes are used for digital printing, which are absorbed during glass tempering and become its integral part.

This glass decoration method guarantees high quality, rich colours and excellent performance.

You can choose glass decor from these offers or choose your own exclusive look.

Instalation scheme

Opening inwards

Instalation scheme

Opening outdoors

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